Welcome to Rockford Paranormal

Welcome to Rockford Paranormal

About Us: We are the areas leading paranormal research team. We investigate anything paranormal (Ghosts, UFO’s, Cryptozoology, etc…)  We have top of the line equipment that we use during our investigations. Our goal is to help our clients with investigating any paranormal experiences that you are having and to educate our clients at the same time.

We do not charge for our services.  We are here to help you!  We have been around since the 1990’s.  We have investigated hundreds of cases locally and in the region.

We are the areas leading paranormal research team.  We will investigate anything paranormal in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas. We are based near the Rockford, IL area. We investigate private residences, businesses, historic places and buildings, etc…

Your confidentiality and helping your family is our #1 goal.

You can reach us directly at RockfordGhost@Gmail.com

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