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Below we will provide some places of interest.  Areas in and around the Rockford area that are allegedly haunted.


Above is the scanner audio provided by Rockford Scanner at  of an incident that involves a person in white on the elevator at the Coronado Theater In Rockford. The police are called to investigate and hear voices, but do not see or find anything. All caught on audio!!!  

Bloods Point in Boone County

One of the most famous areas of interest in the area. People have been going here for generations. Allegedly you see ghosts, orbs, hear voices, a black vehicle chases you plus much more. Not for the feint of heart!  There used to be a shed in the cemetery that a lot of paranormal reports were happening in, but the shed has been since tore down and a street light added into the middle of the cemetery.  This has been one of the areas most famous haunted areas for many decades!

Rock Cut State Park

There have been several deaths that have happen in the park over the years. Many suicides.  As a result, many paranormal experiences have increased in the park.  Several reports of actual ghosts being sighted, many strange noises in the woods, the feeling of being followed, orbs, plus much more.  There are unconfirmed reports of a mountain lion in the area, so this might be the cause for some of these reports.  The reports are all over the park of paranormal activity.  Not just singled out in one area

Rockford College

We have did an investigation at this location and caught several paranormal things on film and audio.  We can confirm the Rockford College is haunted.  During our investigation we were able to catch several voices on audio and we also heard ourselves.  We are able to capture a couple things on video.  This place is by far the most haunted place we have ever investigated. We captured many good things as evidence of paranormal activity at the college.  As a privacy agreement. We cannot provide any of this publicly.

There are many reports of ghost sightings, orbs, voices, cold spot, etc…  The places of interest on the campus are Burpee Building, Talcott Hall, Clark Arts Center, McGaw Hall.

They have closed the campus down to paranormal investigating.

Tinker Swiss Cottage

This location is reported to be a place for the terminally ill years ago.  You can now hear children’s laughing, woman humming, and orbs.  This location has also been featured on the TV series Ghost Hunters.

Note:  There are many local area houses that experience paranormal activity.

Multiple sightings of UFO’s in Rockford

In the early 2000’s  there were many people reporting several glowing orbs in the skies of Rockford and the surrounding areas. Also a black triangle flying in the skies.  There were many credible witnesses. The orbs were seen over many nights in the early 2000’s.  There was no official explanation of what they were. The black triangle was spotted in Rockford the same night it was spotted by officers in Southern Illinois (More info click here)   and the orbs were also spotted in the skies of Rockford the same night the Phoenix Lights incident (Click here for info)

There have been multiple UFO sightings in and around the Rockford area.  We investigate all the reports that are sent to us.  We are also a part of Rockford MUFON at

We are currently researching the black triangle sightings in the Rockford area, that may have ties to the southern IL sightings as well.  We will post the case later on on our website.

Cryptozoology In The Rockford Area

There have been a few reports of an alleged bigfoot in the area over the years.  One of the most famous cases is a witness saw an alleged bigfoot just south of the airport. A few years back the witness was on a road south of the airport when he stopped to use the restroom. He pulled his vehicle over and got out. When he got out he heard a very loud and strange noise. The noise was in the wooded area next to him. It was very loud and very close. He also smelled a bad smell. He was scared. He then saw movement and a big creature that looked like a bigfoot came out of the woods and was walking towards him.  It took a few seconds for him to observe and recognize what was going on. He jumped in his vehicle and sped off.  He said it was approx. 7 feet tall and had hair all over its body. He said it had piercing eyes and the sound he said was nothing like he has ever heard before. A classic bigfoot sighting.

There have been reports of the same creature in the same area (South of the Rockford Airport)  and also 4 reports of the same creature in the Rock Cut State Park area.

The witnesses involved were very confident at what they saw and said it was no bear.  Two of these witnesses are involved in the law enforcement field and are very credible.

UPDATE: There is one report in the BFRO database at
Note: BFRO database for the state of Illinois




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